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ATEX manual pump
for use in potentially
EXplosive ATmospheres


Pompe atex AT1

ATEX manual pumps

Line of ATEX manual pumps equipped for decanting fluids (petrol, solvents, etc.) in a potentially explosive environment.

pompes pneumatiques

ATEX pneumatic pumps

Line of ATEX pneumatic pumps in aluminium or stainless steel adapted for the transfer of aggressive and/or viscous liquids such as strong acids, bases, solvents, hydrocarbons, etc.

pompes electriques atex

ATEX electric pumps

ATEX stainless steel cask emptiier electric pumps for decanting fluids such as acids, bases, petrol, solvents, etc. in a potentially explosive environment.

compteurs atex

ATEX metres

Line of ATEX turbine or gear metres / flow meters that can be calibrated, specially adapted to ATEX pumps.
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